Publications and new features

1. Recent publications

Orthopedic trauma

Adult trauma
Pediatric trauma


2. New features

  • myAO CaseFolio: augmentation of cases with AO Surgery Reference content
  • AO Surgery Reference authors and editors linked to their myAO profiles

3. Planned publications

Orthopedic trauma

Adult trauma
  • Carpal injuries (revision)
  • Metacarpals (revision)
  • Proximal phalanges (revision)
  • Middle phalanges (revision)
  • Proximal tibia (revision)
  • Tibial shaft (revision)
  • Revision of tension band principle
Pediatric trauma
  • Proximal tibia (new)
  • Tibia shaft (new)
  • Proximal humerus (new)
  • Humeral shaft (new)


  • Dog – Radial shaft (new)


  • Periprosthetic fractures of the shoulder (new)
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