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K-wire fixation

1. Nonoperative treatment

In most cases, the fracture is manually reduced and stabilized with buddy taping.

k wire fixation

2. Reduction and K-wire fixation

Patient preparation

This procedure is normally performed with the patient in a supine position.

nonoperative treatment

Closed reduction and fixation

The toe is manually reduced by applying traction to the fracture. A 1.25 mm or 1.6 mm K-wire is placed across the DIP and PIP joints, and manually reduced MTP joint.

Fluoroscopic assistance during this procedure is necessary.

k wire fixation

Open reduction and fixation

If unable to reduce the toe with manual reduction, a small dorsal incision over the fracture site may be utilized and the fracture disimpacted and reduced with a Freer elevator.

k wire fixation

3. Aftercare

After percutaneous pinning immobilize the foot in a flat, rigid sole shoe until the K-wires are removed at six weeks.

nonoperative treatment