Additional Credits

Second edition (2017)

Prof Dr Richard E Buckley (Editor)
Department of Surgery, Section of Orthopedic Surgery
University of Calgary
Calgary, Canada

additional credits

Prof Dr Andrew Sands
Departement of Orthopedics
New York Presbyterian - Lower Manhattan Hospital
New York, USA

additional credits

Dr. Christina Kabbash
Greater Hartford Orthopaedic Group
Hartford, USA

additional credits

Project managers: Lars Veum, Thomas Kolitzus

Illustrator: Tamara Aepli, Michèle Haller

Mandeep Dhillon is gratefully acknowledged for feedback on the content (2017).

First edition (2012)

Prof Dr Joseph Schatzker (Editor)
Sunnybrook HSC
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

additional credits

Dr Michael Castro
Summit Orthopedics
Edina, USA

additional credits

Project managers: Michael Redies, Barbara Niederée

Illustrator: Anja Giger

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