Application of compression plates to oblique fractures


The plate produces compression at the fracture site to provide absolute stability.

Application (oblique fractures)

In oblique fractures, place and fix the plate with one or more screws inserted in neutral mode to create an axilla with one of the bone segments.

Insertion of first screw
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Application of dynamic compression plate to oblique fractures.

Insert a screw in compression mode into the second fragment. This drives the second fragment into the axilla and compresses the fracture.

Compression without axilla

If the plate is applied in an oblique fracture without creating an axilla, as the fracture is compressed, the fracture may displace.

If the fracture pattern and location do not allow the plate to be applied to create an axilla, it may be better to apply a lag screw and a neutralization plate.

An interfragmentary lag screw can, in some cases, be inserted through the plate for additional compression.

Insertion of lag screw
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