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First edition

Prof Dr Luiz Vialle (General Editor)
Department of Orthopedics- Spine Unit
Catholic University
Curitiba, Brazil

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Luiz Vialle
Dr. Massimo Balsano
Professor of Spine Traumatology
Director of Orthopedics and Vertebral Surgery
Verona University Hospital
Verona, Italy
Massimo Balsano

Dr. Roger Härtl
Professor of Neurological Surgery
Director of Neurosurgery Spine
Department of Neurological Surgery
Weill Cornell Medicine
Co-director New York Presbyterian OCH SPINE
New York, USA

additional credits
Dr. Ibrahim Hussain
Department of Neurological Surgery 
Weill Cornell Medicine
New York, USA
Ibrahim Hussain

Illustrator: Tamara Aepli
Project managers: Lars Veum, Elena Spadini, William Smith

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