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33C2.1/.2   Complete articular fracture, simple articular, intact or fragmentary wedge metaphyseal

General considerations

These fractures are characterized by a simple articular split in association with a multifragmentary metaphyseal component.

They are seen both in the young individual and in the osteoporotic elderly patient.

The patella may commonly obscure a minimally displaced articular split. For this reason, if there is ever a question if a split is present, oblique radiographs or CT scans are helpful.

In decision making regarding treatment of this fracture, generally the surgeon elects to bridge, or span, the comminution in the metaphyseal region after anatomical reconstruction of the articular condylar mass.

33C2.1 Intact wedge

The wedge may be medial or lateral.

33C2.1 Intact wedge
33C2.1 Intact wedge – X-rays
33C2.1 Intact wedge – X-ray

33C2.2 Fragmentary wedge

The wedge may be medial or lateral

33C2.2 Fragmentary wedge

X-ray by courtesy of Spital Davos, Switzerland, Dr C Ryf and Dr A Leumann.

33C2.2 Fragmentary wedge – X-ray
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