Additional Credits

Second edition (2020)

Prof Dr Richard E Buckley (Editor 2015–2021)
Department of Surgery, Section of Orthopedic Surgery
University of Calgary
Calgary, Canada

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Richard E Buckley

Dr Markku T Nousiainen
Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre
Holland Centre
Toronto, Canada

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additional credits

Project manager: Lars Veum

Illustrators: Manuel Ruoss, Sabine Freiermuth, Tamara Aepli

First edition (2008)

Prof Dr Christopher L Colton (Editor –2013)
University of Nottingham
Cheltenham, United Kingdom

Christopher L Colton

Prof Dr Florian Gebhard
Orthopaedic Trauma, Handsurgery, Reconstructive Surgery
Ulm University
Ulm, Germany

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additional credits

Dr Philip J Kregor
Hughston Trauma
The Hughston Clinic

additional credits

Dr Christopher W Oliver
Physical Activity for Health Research Centre
University of Edinburgh
Edinburgh, United Kingdom

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additional credits

Project manager: Tobias Hövekamp

Illustrator: Ruth Angliker

Dankward Höntzsch is gratefully acknowledged for revision of the external fixation treatment options (2016, with Steve Krikler as editorial consultant).

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