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1. Preparation and approach

This procedure is performed with the patient placed in dorsal recumbency and through stab incisions.


2. Arthroscopic evaluation

The arthroscope is introduced through a medial approach.

Trochlear ridge fractures of the talus - resection

After thorough evaluation of the joint, the best location for the instrumental portal is chosen. Stab incisions are placed appropriately.

Trochlear ridge fractures of the talus - resection

3. Resection

The fragment is loosened with a periosteal elevator. Care is taken to keep some attachments of the fragment to the parent bone. The fragment is subsequently grabbed and removed with a Ferry-Smith rongeur.

Trochlear ridge fractures of the talus - resection

4. Aftertreatment

A bandage is applied for two weeks. The bandage should be changed every 5 days.

Sutures have to be removed after 10 days.

The horse is kept in a stall for 4 weeks. Hand-walking exercises are indicated for another 4 weeks before the horse can be put back into training.
Follow-up radiographs are taken 8 weeks after surgery to evaluate fracture healing.

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