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Calcaneus: Comminuted diaphyseal fractures

Fracture characteristics

Shaft fractures of the calcaneus can be comminuted. They occur after external trauma or a kick from another horse. They are often open fractures.

Fractures of the calcaneal shaft

Fractures of the calcaneus

Calcaneal fractures are often open and can be complicated by osteomyelitis, septic calcaneal bursitis, sequestration and chronic drainage. The prominence of the calcaneus makes it susceptible to external impact by kicks or other trauma.

Clnical signs and imaging

Lameness is usually severe with calcaneal fractures.
In addition to standard projections, stressed radiographs can provide important additional information. Skyline views are useful for evaluating the calcaneus and sustentaculum tali.

Fractures of the calcaneus