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Nonsurgical fracture management

1. Nonsurgical management

The animal is placed in a box stall and tranquilized to some extent. It is very important to prevent any excessive movements of the injured limb.

Stall rest should be maintained for 8 weeks, followed by hand walking for an additional month.

Placing the horse in a sling for 6 weeks prevents it from lying down and potentially aggravating the displacement.

supraglenoid tubercle

The fragment may unite with the parent portion of the bone through a fibrous union, and rarely, it may even ossify.

In the majority of the cases the traction of the biceps muscle on the fragment results in cranial displacement of the fragment and non-union. Because of the lack of or reduced resistance to traction of the fragment, osteoporosis usually develops on the fragment.

Read more about patient prognosis for this treatment.

nonsurgical fracture management