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Diaphyseal fractures: Simple

Fracture characteristics

Simple diaphyseal fractures can occur in many different configurations. One typical fracture type is a short oblique or spiraling fracture of the proximal diaphyseal region, which occurs in foals secondary to a blow to the lateral side of the radius.

Radial fractures introduction

Those fractures are most commonly seen in foals, but may also occur in adult horses from the same or similar mechanism of injury.

Radial fractures introduction

Clinical signs

The foal usually presents with non-weight-bearing lameness and axial instability in the antebrachial region.
There may be varying degrees of soft-tissue swelling and there may be a wound either associated with the kick on the lateral antebrachial region or on the medial side of the leg if sharp fracture fragments penetrate the skin.

Radial fractures introduction