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Type 5 olecranon fractures

Fracture characteristics

Type 5 olecranon fractures originate from the caudal cortex of the distal olecranon/proximal ulna and extend into the synovial cavity at the level of the distal aspect of the trochlear notch. They enter the synovial cavity but do not disrupt the articular surface.

Those fractures typically occur in adult horses after being kicked by another horse.


Clinical signs

Patients present with severe acute lameness and variable swelling of the elbow region. In addition, there may be a small wound secondary to the impact from the hoof when kicked. It is important to recognize that there may be contamination extending into the fracture and the synovial cavity that should be addressed as a part of the patient care plan.
Patients often do not have a dropped elbow. They are usually partially weight bearing and lameness improves after treatment with anti-inflammatory drugs. For these reasons the diagnosis may be delayed.