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Introduction to radial fractures

1. Causes

Fractures of the equine radius are usually secondary to trauma, often caused by a kick by another horse.

Ulnar fractures introduction

2. Fracture types overview

The most common types of radial fractures are:

  • Proximal physeal fracture (I)
  • Diaphyseal fractures
    - Incomplete fissure fracture (II)
    -Mid-diaphyseal transverse fractures (III)
    - "Other" simple fractures (IV)
    - Comminuted (V)
  • Distal physeal fracture (VI)
Radial fractures introduction

3. Imaging

A complete series of radiographs, including DP, LM and oblique views are necessary to demonstrate the fracture and delineate all fracture lines.

Left: complete series of a comminuted diaphyseal radius fracture (V) in a pony.

Radial fractures introduction
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