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Implant removal

1. Removal

The animal is anesthetized and prepared for aseptic surgery using identical technique as described before.
The most proximal screw head can easily be palpated through the skin. A stab incision is prepared over the screw head and the screw is partially removed.

The distance between the two screw heads is determined on the radiographs (without touching it). This distance is transferred to the limb and with the help of a hypodermic needle inserted at the determined location of the distal screw the screw head is identified.

Note: the distal screw head is buried within the collateral ligament and therefore several attempts may be needed for its identification.

2. Aftercare following implant removal

The limb is covered with a tight bandage up to the carpus/tarsus. The bandage is changed every 4 days.
The foal is kept with the mare in a box stall for two weeks. The skin sutures are removed at that time.
A light bandage is reapplied and left in place for 4 more days. After that the foal can go on pasture.

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