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Jörg Auer, Larry Bramlage, Patricia Hogan, Alan Ruggles, Jeffrey Watkins

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Jörg Auer

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Fetlock joint disruption

Functional or anatomic disruption of the fetlock joint

Fetlock disruption is diagnosed through clinical examination and radiographs of the involved joint region.
The McIII/MtIII and proximal phalanx need to be included in the radiographic examination. A minimum of 4 views (dorsopalmar, lateromedial, and 45 degree oblique views) are required to assess the injury and plan the surgery.
Degenerative arthritis can occur in any horse of any breed. Anatomic disruption of the fetlock joint is normally limited to the Thoroughbred race horse, but it is occasionally seen from trauma in other breeds and in all ages of horses.

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