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Nonsurgical fracture management

1. Principles

Cast application

Cast application is not indicated for midbody and distal splint bone fractures, because it is not possible to immobilize distal fragment with a cast.

2. Nonsurgical treatment

The horse is kept in a bandage for 4 weeks.

Follow-up radiographs are taken 4 weeks after injury to judge fracture healing. Dependent upon the degree of fracture healing determined radiographically, continuation of conservative treatment will be necessary. Some cases require surgical treatment.

Midbody splint bone fracture - nonsurgical treatment

3. Aftertreatment

The horse is kept in a stall for 4 weeks. If the follow-up radiographs taken at that time show some fracture healing, hand-walking exercises are recommended for another 4 weeks. Before the horse can be put back into training an additional set of radiographs is recommended to assure fracture healing.

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