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Plate fixation

1. Plate selection

Two 8-12 hole 2.4 mm Unilock plates are well suited for this repair. Alternatively, other locking plates can be used, like 3.5 reconstruction plates.
The Unilock plates, have the reconstruction plate – design and have been used in human surgery for mandibular fracture repai. These plates are considered suitable since they are locking plates with increased stability and allow the use of short 2.4 and 3 mm locking head - as well as 2.4 mm cortex screws.

plate fixation

A 8 to 12 hole plate is placed on each side and is secured with 3 mm locking screws. Four screws are placed proximal and four distal to the suture.

Screws no longer than 8-12 mm are used.

facial skull suture periostitis
plate fixation

2. Preparation and approach

This procedure is performed with the patient placed in lateral recumbency through the approach to the suture periostitis.

approach to suture periostitis

3. Closure

To finish the process, the wound is rinsed with NaCl and the incision closed in two layers.

4. Aftercare

The horse is confined to stall rest for four weeks, followed by four weeks of controlled walk.
The callus as well as the radiographic detectable fracture line resolves after 4-8 months.

For cosmetic reasons, the plates can be removed after 6-8 months.

plate fixation