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Approach for pancarpal arthrodesis

1. Skin incision

The skin incision is made proximally between the extensor carpi radialis- and common digital extensor muscles and tendons progressing distally over the common digital extensor tendon.

partial carpal arthrodesis

2. Deep incision

The deep incision separates the extensor carpi radialis and common digital extensor muscles and tendons proximally. At the level of the carpus the annular ligament of the carpus is incised exposing the joint capsule. Distally the common digital extensor tendon is split longitudinally progressing distally on the dorsolateral metacarpus.

approach for pancarpal arthrodesis
approach for pancarpal arthrodesis

3. Joint reflection

For a pan-carpal arthrodesis the joint capsule from all three joints is reflected.

approach for pancarpal arthrodesis