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Nonsurgical fracture management

1. Nonsurgical treatment

Clip the hair around the fracture area to assess possible penetrating wounds that may require debridement.

Exploratory surgery is needed in cases with penetrating wounds for debridement and removal of foreign bodies (i.e. hair). In those cases, a dorsal midline approach is recommended.

An appropriate size stretchable net material can be used to stabilize and protect the fracture area.

nonsurgical fracture management

Appropriate holes for the eyes and ears are created.

nonsurgical fracture management

It is important to make this dressing as comfortable as possible.

nonsurgical fracture management

Elizabethan collar is used to protect the dressing retainer.

The dressing retainer can be replaced if it gets soiled and it should be removed between six and eight weeks after placement.

nonsurgical fracture management