Sagittal spinal alignment

Normal sagittal alignment is as follows:

  • 15° Cervical lordosis (C2C7)
  • 40° Thoracic kyphosis (T1T12)
  • 0° Thoracolumbar junction (T11L1)
  • 60° Lumbar lordosis (T12S1)

Normally lumbar lordosis is 20° greater than the thoracic kyphosis.

If there is a mismatch in spinal alignment the spine will be at a higher risk of imbalance.

Normal sagittal alignment

The majority of the lumbar lordosis can be found in the two lowest levels:

  • L4L5 20° of lordosis (representing 28% of total lumbar lordosis)
  • L5S1 28° of lordosis (representing 39% of total lumbar lordosis)
  • A total of 48° representing 67% of the total lumbar lordosis
Lumbar lordosis
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