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B3 Hyperextension


Type B and type C injuries are segmental injuries (except B1).

Subtype B3 is characterized by a tension injury of the disc or vertebral body or both, resulting in a hyperextended position of the vertebral column.

The anterior longitudinal ligament is ruptured. This is commonly seen in ankylotic disorders.

This injury may be associated with any A-type fracture (vertebral body).

Diagnosis Thoracic and Lumbar Fractures: B3 - Hyperextension


Be aware of the potential instability if the posterior longitudinal ligament is ruptured. This injury can be displaced and become a type C injury through careless manipulation of the patient.

X-ray/ CT

CT/radiograph images are examined to determine the fracture type.

Diagnosis: X-ray/CT, B3 - Hyperextension
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