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B3 Anterior tension band injury


Type B3 is an anterior tension band injury.

B-type injuries are in general a failure of the posterior or anterior tension band.

There is physical disruption or separation of the anterior structures (bone/disk) with tethering of the posterior elements.

These injuries may pass through either the intervertebral disk or through the vertebral body itself (as in the ankylosed spine). An intact posterior hinge will prevent gross displacement


X-ray/ CT

CT/radiograph images are examined to determine the fracture type.

This CT show a sagittal reconstruction of an
C5/C5 ligamentous B3 injury.


For a complete classification (AOSpine Cervical classification) of the injury, and for the management decisions, the following aspects must be considered.

  1. Neurology
  2. Facet injury
  3. Clinical modifiers
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