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A0 - Minor, nonstructural fractures


Type A0 is used to describe insignificant fractures not affecting the spinal stability in a significant way, such as an isolated fracture of the spinous process, the transverse process or the lamina.

A-type injuries are in general a failure of anterior structures under compression with intact tension band.


X-ray/ CT

CT/radiograph images are examined to determine the fracture type.

This CT shows a sagittal reconstruction of an isolated spinous process fracture.

Diagnosis: X-ray/CT, A0 – minor, nonstructural fractures

This CT show a transverse image of the same injury.


For a complete classification (AOSpine Cervical classification) of the injury, and for the management decisions, the following aspects must be considered.

  1. Neurology
  2. Facet injury
  3. Clinical modifiers
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