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Derek Donegan, Michael Huo, Michael Leslie

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Michael Baumgaertner

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Recalled prosthesis and metal on metal bearing

1. Introduction

Some patients may have a known recalled hip implant system or metal-on-metal (MoM) implants. These are unique and special considerations.

2. Indications for implant revision

Implant revision along with fixation stabilization of the periprosthetic fracture might be indicated.

3. Presurgical workup


  • MRI to determine presence of pseudotumor, disruption of the hip abductor mechanism, unrecognized damage to other soft tissues including the neurovascular structures.
  • Serum or whole blood samples for trace metal ion levels (cobalt and chromium)
  • Preoperative hip aspiration to rule out infection

Suspected recalled implants

  • Obtain record of index surgery
  • Confirm the implants are recalled by checking the serial and lot numbers with the manufacturer
Note: The risk of continuous retention of these implants versus revision requires a detailed discussion with the patient and the family and agree on the treatment plan.
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