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32-D/4.2 + 5.2   Multifragmentary


Multifragmentary femoral shaft fractures can be segmental transverse (32-D/4.2) or ...

Transverse segmental femoral shaft fracture

... wedge, oblique segmental, or comminuted (32-D/5.2). They may occur in the proximal, middle, or distal third of the femoral shaft.

These fractures are often a result of higher-energy trauma such as motor-vehicle crashes.

They are axially unstable.

Wedge, oblique segmental, or comminuted femoral shaft fracture


Multifragmentary fracture in an 11-year-old female

X-ray of a multifragmentary fracture

4-year-old child, isolated multifragmentary femoral shaft fracture

X-ray of an isolated multifragmentary femoral shaft fracture

Multifragmentary spiral fracture

X-ray of a multifragmentary spiral fracture
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