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43t-E/3.1   Epiphyseal fractures (Salter-Harris III) of the distal tibia


Salter-Harris III fractures are physeal injuries that extend into the epiphysis and involve the articular surface.

In the distal tibia, simple fractures are classified as 43t-E/3.1.

An associated fibular fracture may have a different configuration and is classified separately.

Salter-Harris III fracture of the pediatric distal tibia

Further characteristics

This type of physeal fracture has a high risk of growth disturbance, nonunion, and subsequent osteoarthritis. Anatomical restoration of these fractures reduces these risks.


A CT scan may be required to assess the fracture pattern and articular surface displacement.

X-rays showing a Salter-Harris III tibial fracture in a 10-year-old patient

X-rays showing a Salter-Harris III distal tibial fracture in a 10-year-old patient
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