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1. Introduction

Note: Be aware of nonaccidental injuries in infants.

Careful scrutiny of the x-rays is important to identify the presence or absence of a metaphyseal component, as this may be the only radiologically visible sign of a corner/bucket handle fracture.

This injury very often goes undiagnosed as it does not show on x-ray. If clinically suspected, investigation by ultrasonography is helpful.


2. Splint application

If this fracture is undisplaced or minimally displaced, it can be managed with a removable splint, which is retained until symptoms resolve (usually 2-3 weeks, depending on age).

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Alternatively, a simple plaster of Paris slab can be bandaged on, over appropriate padding. This can be removed by the parents/carer after a similar interval.

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3. Follow-up

Rapid return to normal function should be expected.