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Supine position

1. Patient positioning

The patient is positioned supine on a radiolucent table or a standard operating table with a radiolucent extension. A bump is placed underneath the buttock to prevent external rotation.
A large foam bolster or cushion is placed under the affected leg to raise it above the opposite leg and facilitate lateral C-arm images.

Supine position

If desired, apply a tourniquet around the upper thigh.

Prepare the entire leg circumferentially, from toes to upper thigh. Drape so it is completely mobile.

Supine position with tourniquet

2. C-arm placement

The C-arm should come in from the opposite side from where the surgeon is working. The C-arm should be able to pass freely under the table to obtain a cross-table lateral view in addition to the illustrated position for the AP view.

Supine position with C-arm
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