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Anterolateral approach to the proximal tibia

1. Skin incision

Make a straight incision lateral to the patella.

mio angular stable plate liss

2. Opening the fascia

Open the deep fascia anterior to the ilio-tibial tract.

anterolateral approach

Release the proximal attachment of the tibialis anterior muscle. If necessary release the ilio-tibial tract by incising it or taking a small flake of bone from Gerdy’s tubercle.

Avoid the peroneal nerve which runs posterior to the biceps femoris tendon at its attachment to the fibular head.

Do not attempt to expose the postero-medial side of the tibia from the antero-lateral approach.

anterolateral approach

3. Opening the joint

To expose the joint make a horizontal capsulotomy between the deep edge of the meniscus and the tibia. At the time of closure re-attachment of the meniscus and capsule is mandatory.

anterolateral approach

4. Wound closure

Close the ilio-tibial band and if necessary reattach the Gerdy’s tubercle. Do not close the fascia to avoid a compartment syndrome. Close the remaining soft tissues in a routine manner.

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