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Rahul Banerjee, Peter Brink, Matej Cimerman, Tim Pohlemann, Matevz Tomazevic

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Peter Trafton

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Pubic symphysis fractures


Symphysiolysis is unstable in all directions with all ligaments either avulsed or thorn.

The degree of displacement at the time of X-ray does not give any indication to the displacement at time of injury. It is therefore essential to assess this injury by X-ray, clinical examination and medical history.

Symphysiolysis often occurs together with fractures of the rami.

This injury should be addressed together with any other injury to the pelvic ring.

Open book

The most common pattern is the open book mechanism.


Vertical shear

Symphysiolysis can be caused by vertical shear resulting in a vertical displacement.


Locked symphysis

Symphysiolysis can be caused by lateral compression resulting in a medial displacement (locked symphysis).

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