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Nonoperative treatment

1. Goal of treatment

The goal of the treatment is bone healing with appropriate intra- and extraarticular reduction to maintain lateral column length. Early weight-bearing may be tolerated depending on the fracture pattern.

2. Anatomic function

The calcaneocuboid joint and the talonavicular joints are responsible for complex hindfoot circumduction.

Lateral column length is critical to maintaining the shape and function of the foot. Therefore, the cuboid length must be maintained.

Medial and lateral column of the foot

3. Nonoperative care

Early range of motion

Range of motion exercises for the ankle and the toes should start as soon as possible and as pain permits.


Immobilization can be achieved using:

  • Soft padded bandage
  • Brace
  • Functional boot
Functional boot for support and immobilization of the foot

4. Aftercare

Follow up

As pain can indicate late instability, the patient needs to be followed up until pain is completely subsided.

Return to sports is allowed when pain and swelling subside (approximately 3 months) and there is evidence of healing on plain x-rays.