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13B2.3   Partial articular, medial sagittal, fragmentary transtrochlear fracture


This fragmentary transtrochlear fracture type is classified by the AO/OTA as 13B2.3.

Medial condyle/epicondyle and trochlear fracture types overlap.

Partial articular, fragmentary transtrochlear medial sagittal fracture

Further characteristics

Most medial condylar fractures in adults feature complex articular comminution. Computed tomography—particularly 3-D CT—can help define the fracture anatomy and facilitate the planning of the surgery.

These partial articular multifragmentary fractures are associated with impaction of the posterior part of the medial column and the trochlea. There is often extension to the anterior part of the trochlea.


X-ray of partial articular, fragmentary transtrochlear medial sagittal fracture
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