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13A3.1/.2   Extraarticular, intact or fragmentary wedge fracture


This fracture type is classified by the AO/OTA as 13A3.1 (intact wedge) or 13A3.2 (fragmentary wedge). The wedge can be either lateral (f) or medial (h).

In osteoporotic bone, the distal articular fragment may be very short, and metaphyseal comminution of varying degrees may be present in either the ulnar or radial column.

Extraarticular, intact and fragmentary wedge fracture



Images taken from Orozco R, et al. (1998) Atlas of Internal Fixation. Used with kind permission.

X-ray of extraarticular wedge fracture

This AP x-ray shows a displaced fracture with extensive soft-tissue disruption. This type of fracture is frequently associated with neurological injury and later stiffness.

X-ray of extraarticular wedge fracture

Lateral view of the same case

X-ray of extraarticular wedge fracture

3-D CT

3-D CT reconstruction of an extraarticular wedge fracture

3-D CT reconstruction of extraarticular wedge fracture
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