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13A1.1   Avulsion of lateral epicondyle


This fracture type is classified by the AO/OTA as 13A1.1.

This is an avulsion fracture of the lateral epicondyle. By definition, there is no involvement of the joint (capitellum).

The fracture is the equivalent of an avulsion of the humeral attachment of the lateral collateral ligament.

Avulsion of lateral epicondyle

Further characteristics

Typically, this injury occurs in young patients.

The fragment may become displaced into the lateral elbow joint cavity.

Note: Take care when approaching an apparently nonarticular lateral condylar fracture, as these are unusual. Preoperative imaging, including computed tomography, can be used to identify associated articular fractures.


Image taken from Orozco R, et al. (1998) Atlas of Internal Fixation. Used with kind permission.

X-ray of avulsion of lateral epicondyle
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