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Supine positioning (distal ulna)

1. Supine positioning for distal ulnar fractures

Position the patient supine and place the forearm on a hand table.

By abducting the shoulder it is possible for the surgeon and the assistant to sit on either side of the hand table.

The position of the limb should allow complete imaging in the frontal and sagittal plane of the distal radius.

A nonsterile pneumatic tourniquet is used.
Prophylactic antibiotics are optional according to local microbiological protocols.

orif palmar plate

The elbow is flexed.

This position holds the forearm in neutral rotation and allows for a direct approach to the distal ulna.

supine positioning distal ulna

In some fractures the position may be reasonable with the forearm resting on the patient's chest.

supine positioning distal ulna
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