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Acetabular fractures in the obese

1. Acetabular fractures in the obese

Fractures in obese patients are approached and stabilized in the same way as in all patients. Additional consideration is required in educating the patient regarding the greatly increased risk of complication following surgery. Also, the surgeon must expect a longer more difficult operation with greater blood loss and a poorer reduction than likely achieved in other patients.

  • Anatomic reduction achieved:
    70-72% for BMI <40
    61% for BMI >40
  • Operation duration:
    250 min for BMI 30-40
    293 min for BMI >40
  • Wound complications:
    12% for BMI 30-40
    46% for BMI >40
  • Overall complications:
    24% for BMI 30-40
    63% for BMI >40
acetabular fractures in the obese
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