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Palatoalveolar fracture, simple injury


A simple palatoalveolar fracture is one that has only one or possibly two palatoalveolar fragments.

Palatoalveolar simple fracture

Simple (noncomminuted) palatal fractures are commonly associated with Le Fort I fractures but can be seen with other complex fractures of the midface.

The patients commonly complains of malocclusion.

In the case of significant splaying of the palatal fracture, there is often a tear through the mucosa of the palate which can be observed on physical examination, when visualizing the roof of the mouth.

Diagnosis may be confirmed with CT imaging. Ideal views include the axial and coronal cuts.

This clinical photograph shows the tear in the roof of the mouth.

Palatoalveolar simple fracture

Radiographic findings

Preoperative axial CT scan.

This CT shows significant splaying of the palate in the midline. It also shows a Le Fort I fracture and significant mandibular fractures.

Palatoalveolar simple fracture

Coronal view of the same case.

This CT shows splaying of the palate in the midline and a mandibular symphyseal fracture with similar splaying.

Palatoalveolar simple fracture

Note: In this patient, the teeth are not loose in their bony fragments.

Palatoalveolar simple fracture
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