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Palatoalveolar fracture, complex injury


A complex palatoalveolar fracture is one that has multiple palatoalveolar fragments.

Palatoalveolar complex fracture

Radiographic findings

Complex (comminuted) palatal fractures are commonly associated with panfacial fractures.

The patient commonly complains of malocclusion.

Because of the comminuted nature of this fracture, mucosal tears including the nasal mucosa can be an additional complicating factor.

In these types of fractures the degree of complexity is often compounded by dentoalveolar comminution and/or by major tissue loss.

Diagnosis may be confirmed with CT imaging. Ideal views include the axial and coronal slices.

This axial CT shows a comminuted sagittal split palate, with a Le Fort I fracture, and a splayed mandible.

Palatoalveolar complex fracture
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