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Tooth luxation with displacement - Extrusion

Definition and clinical appearance

Extrusion is defined as an injury whereby the tooth suffers partial axial displacement out of its socket.

The tooth appears elongated. Maxillary teeth are usually palatally displaced. The tooth is very loose, in many cases attached only to the palatal gingiva, and there is bleeding from the gingival sulcus.


Clinical findings

Frontal and palatal view of left central maxillary incisor with extrusive luxation. The tooth is attached only to the palatal mucosa, and is grossly displaced in palatal direction.


Radiographic findings

Intraoral films will show the tooth axially dislocated out of its socket with partial or total loss of bony attachment. In this case, there is a total loss of periodontal attachment to the bone, and the tooth is retained solely by the palatal mucosal attachment.

Axially dislocated tooth out of its socket with partial loss of bony attachment
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