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Alexander Schramm, Marc Metzger, Nils Gellrich, Bradley Strong

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Ed Ellis III

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Daniel Buchbinder

OR - Setup

1. Introduction

Intraoperative CT scanning requires a specific pre-planned room setup. This includes:

  • adequate room size
  • appropriate OR table placement
  • appropriate OR table type
  • maintenance of sterile environment

2. Room setup for hybrid OR

Intraoperative CT requires a larger operating room to allow correct placement and maneuvering of the device. The CT scanner needs to be brought into the operating room and positioned at the head of the OR table, in a work space free of cords, suction tubing, and other equipment. The surgeon should give forethought to where equipment such as intraoperative navigation will be moved to allow access for the CT scanner.

CAS or   setup

3. OR table type

Some CT scanners require a radiolucent head holder to minimize scatter and optimize data acquisition. The head holder needs to be placed prior to patient positioning.

CAS or   setup

4. Maintenance of sterile environment

The sterile environment can be maintained by draping either the patient or the scanner. The author prefers to drape the patient with a generic C-arm drape. It is cheaper and faster than sterile drapes produced for the specific device.

CAS or   setup
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