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Nonoperative fracture management

1. Cast application

A sleeve cast is placed under general anesthesia with the foal positioned in lateral recumbency with the affected limb uppermost.

nonoperative fracture management
nonoperative fracture management

2. Nonsurgical treatment

The sleeve cast extends from the proximal tibia to the distal MtIII. The digit is left outside of the cast to allow normal loading of the flexor tendons and prevent flexor laxity. Depending on the age of the foal the cast is changed between 12-21 days. Typically 3-6 weeks of cast coaptation is required for healing.
Stall confinement is required while the cast is in place. Careful monitoring for cast rubs especially at the proximal tibia, calcaneus and distal MtIII is required.
After cast removal a bandage is applied for about two weeks. Stall rest with limited hand walking is recommended for 4-6 weeks.

Radiographic and clinical evaluation is recommended at 4 and 8 weeks.

nonoperative fracture management