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C2 laminar screw

1. Introduction

Wright described this technique which has the advantage of being relatively easy.

C2 laminar screws

2. Screw entry point

To be able to place bilateral laminar screws, one must plan the starting holes such that both screws are feasible. One side must be as cranial as possible, while the other side must be as caudal as possible to allow for both screws.

Place a small burr hole as the starting point for the laminar screws.

Entry point for C2 laminar screw

3. Screw trajectory

Use a pedicle probe directed as dorsally as possible to avoid intrusion into the spinal canal.

Trajectory for C2 laminar screw

4. Screw insertion

Tap, measure the length, and insert polyaxial screws. Often screw lengths of 25–35 mm are possible. A screw that perforates the dorsal cortex of the lamina is perfectly acceptable and may, in fact, be desirable in cases of severe osteoporosis.

C2 laminar screw insertion
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