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Matej Kastelec, Renato Fricker, Fiesky Nuñez, Terry Axelrod

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Chris Colton

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Perilunate, fracture

Perilunate fracture-dislocations present an extensive array of injuries. Fractures of adjacent carpal bones may occur, instead of ligamentous ruptures, when the disrupting force propagates around the midcarpal joint.
Recognition and repair of all bony and soft-tissue components are essential in order to restore carpal stability, and to prevent posttraumatic degenerative joint disease.

Concurrent bony and soft-tissue lesions of the carpus are not mutually exclusive (e.g. concomitant scaphoid fracture and scapholunate rupture).
The x-ray shows a transscaphoid perilunate fracture-dislocation.

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